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Mobile computing, distributed, open-source, collaborative, we use proven technologies and put them at the service of innovation.

Through open platforms, we follow the standards of the market, taking care to always adhere to the latest technological developments.

Eclipse, Java, JEE, Android are the environments in which we conduct the developments of our products and offer you to develop yours.

Our approach is in the creation of tools such as geolocation, or the use of specialized sensors to better know, analyze and synthesize information stored to establish better diagnoses.



If Managing is directing, Managing is mostly allowing team members to release energies so that each one has the opportunity to contribute its experience in the shared collective set-up.

Managing to change the approach to things and find new answers, answers different to those we consider to be the only one, used time and again for a satisfactory result.

If you find that some aspects of your project are difficult to realize, we can help you identify these problems to imagine solutions together.

You have access to a team built around sports, with a purpose, diversified interests, common and complementary skills.



Innovation and development of new technologies require us to adapt the way we sell and buy. They have a decisive influence on our everyday life.

The connected objects are available to us to enable us to communicate more quickly and access information in real time.

These new tools must irrevocably be considered in order to better understand people’s behaviors. The way we receive the messages transmitted to us affects how we act and interact with others.

As marketers, we need to integrate them into our sales strategies in order to reach the largest possible number of actors and buyers.


INNOVATION necessary
to progress

Innovation is a new response to situations viewed differently.

We often identify our problems to walls and look at them as if the face of the look was important and was a solution.

Innovation is not a posture, it is not written, it is the fruit of our imagination and our thinking, a willingness to look at things in other ways than they are or we were told that they were.

It is also the result of the one who realizes freely.

Innovation is everywhere to do. To innovate is to materialize the idea.

So Innovate with us.