Whether purely for fun or to perform in competition, practicing a sport is a demanding activity that requires a minimum of self-knowledge and its own physical limitations. It must be done in a rational way and safely.

However, practicing a sport is not without minors incidents, which if repeated, can have heavy consequences and lead to more serious injuries. It becomes then more urgent to rest.

Our aim is to provide you with the means of knowing your discipline better by analyzing the statistics and other data collected to forecast trends in order to minimize risk taking, helping you manage your performances and health as well as those of your team.


A healthy mind in a healthy body and everything is well.

The health of the mind often goes through Sport, as is the health of our body.

Practicing a sport allows the individual to free his mind of accumulated tension in everyday life. It allows the Body to function better. The Body becomes more skillful, more flexible, more resistant, more efficient when it is correctly warmed up.

If our health benefit from practicing a sporting activity, practicing a sport requires us to be in good health.

We develop tools that will provide you the indicators, which will enable you to assess and measure your abilities in a safe environment.


Your sporting gear belongs to you or is borrowed as part of your sporting activities in a club. Every object has its value, whether it is commercial or sentimental.

For an individual, it is often easier to leave their equipment and belongings on the club premises at the end of the practice session.

For a club, regardless of the discipline, the material is a major business asset, without which there is no economic activity, if it get stolen.

It is therefore important for everyone to watch over the equipements, whether it is our own or borrowed from our club.

We develop tools to allow you to enhance the security of your equipment cheaply.

We may have a solution for you!


Pinpoint, know your bearings.

Nowdays,satellites allow us to calculate our position anywhere and at anytime to diplay them on our smartphone or any other connected device.

Being able to locate you quickly can be reassuring for your loved ones, facilitate the arrival of rescue services in case of emergency or just to help you find your way around. Those functionalities are unavoidable, widely available and are expected to come as standard with any device.

We use this data to enrich various information to bring you a more comprehensive service.

Our mobile software uses the GPS features of your mobile phone to keep you safe at all times.

Install our apps, adjust your settings, and follow the instructions safely!