Informatics of objects is one that is used for controlling objects, collecting and synthesizing their data to provide you with a global vision of your surroundings.

In our case, we rely on these objects to measure, assist in diagnosis or alert you of specific events.

For a better understanding of ourselves, of a group, for greater performances but also for the safety of your equipment, we use these connected objects and reprocess their data to keep you informed.


In order to share the information, wherever you are, whenever you want and with whom you want to share it with, you need a software that will make it possible to do so and that is available immediately.

Whether it is for entertainment or for professional use, we create such mobile software for you.

Tell us about how you act, tell us what you consider important, we will implement all technologies and all communication protocols you need. Embark the appropriate application, and everywhere you go.

Accelerate information flow.


Because a shared information is useful information

Because a shared information is information that is growing quickly

Because a shared information is more accurate

Because a shared information is a safer information

We develop collaborative software for you to express yourself, share, benefit from the experiences of others.


Project Management

You need to entrust the development of your tools to a team but you cannot ensure the organization and monitoring? You can benefit from our experience in Project Management.

You want to develop your software? We specify your needs with you, supervise the development, the testing phases as well as the production of all the documentation.

We define the skills necessary and choose our team members to ensure that each of has the abilities which them to contribute to their full potential and make others grow.

We will submit a strong proposal. You will make all the decisions.

Being able to operate on short cycles, helping you develop and enrich your projects is our priority.

Market Reasearch

You have ideas to develop new products, but are not sure there is a market for it?

Do you know your potential competitors in this sector, and their market share?

A Market research is the ideal tool to gather the information you need to enable you to evaluate the market, understand the behavior of your potential customers/partners, but also to help you in your decision process. It will help you identify your direct or indirect competitors and/or potential partners, gathering information about your potential customers and their buying habits, but also to identify opportunities where your products could meet local demand.

Understanding your market is the key to successful growth.

Marketing strategy

You want to access a new market, but you are not sure of the best strategy?

To have a thorough knowledge of local markets makes all the difference when it comes to making the right decisions to achieve its growth objectives and ensure a return on investment.

Implement a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your sales goals will determine the success of your project.

We will work closely with your team to help you analyze, define and adapt your strategy to better meet the needs of local demand.

Apply the right strategy makes all the difference. This will give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.


Better knowledge
of your sport

The sport we practice is our choice, whether it is to share moments with friends and family, to keep fit or simply by passion of the discipline.

Whatever the reasons may be some it is important to put in place some good habits from the start to ensure we are not damaging our body.

Measure your efforts, manage your activities. Analyze your performance. Know where you stand.

Find out about the means of progression. Plan your next sessions. Increase your level gradually.

Our specialists put their knowledge at your disposal.

What you do depends on you. We offer you ways to understand what you can do.

Listen to your body! Understand your workout!

Better knowledge
of your health

The accumulation of shocks and other blows weakens each time the area of impacts, whether they are muscle, bone or other tissues.

The body responds and absorbs differently to each impact it receives, trying to protect itself by repairing the ‘damage’ done the best it can.

However, not all blows have an immediate and visible effect, which is often the reason we carry on practicing our sport without worrying of the long term consequences it may have on our health.

Getting to know your body by measuring the seriousness of incidents or accidents, in order to provide reliable information to allow retrospective analyzis, will help you better understand how it works and prevent from any potential injuries. It will make it easier for you to follow any advice given.

Share our ambition in the field of Health!

Reinforce the safety
of your belongings

Your sporting gear belongs to you or is borrowed as part of your sporting activities in a club. Every object has its value, whether it is commercial or sentimental.

For an individual, it is often easier to leave their equipment and belongings on his club premises at the end of practice.

For a club, regardless of the discipline, the material is an important asset: no hardware no economic activity. It is therefore important for everyone to watch over the equipements whether it is our own or borrowed from our club.

We develop tools to allow you to enhance the security of your equipment cheaply.

We may have a solution for you!