Our Connected

IMInnov develops its connected objects to assist athletes and for the safety of the sportsman.

Our current project is the design of a system for the horse rider’s.

An ingenious system made for outdoor riding, but not exclusively, based on extensive collaboration in various fields, a lot of thoughts and forty years of experience in the equine field.

Other systems are already planned targeting different sports. Simple or complex, for security, health or more equity in performance.

We are creators of systems serving sport, health and safety.

Stay connected!

Connected Watches

The Omate connected watches run on an open Android system and are all what you can expect in terms of communication :

  • Bluetooth: you can connect headphones or other systems in companion mode
  • Wifi: you use all the access points you know the key
  • 3G: phone for as long as you have a GSM signal, adding a SIM card

We were going to forget the GPS!

Touch screen, photo luminescent, some models are waterproof down to 10 meters.

Omate is fashion watches ... Be Fashion! Forget your smartphone….You no longer need it!

We are official distributor of OMATE products.

Shoc Detector

  • Because a blow to the head always leaves scars
  • Because the only way to recover from severe impacts on the skull is the artificial coma
  • Because the one who orders to rest is not one that is impacted
  • Because a shock detector sensor provides objective information on the intensity of an impact
  • Because everyone can do an analysis of a shock from his experience, his experience
  • We have chosen to promote and distribute the ShockBox, shock detector’s sensor.

    Easily attached to a helmet, it sends shock intensity when it is paired with a laptop or a connected watch.

    We are official distributors of the SHOCKBOX.